Quizzame Trivia Wednesday Nights 7pm

This Trivia requires no Pens, no paper... "How?" you may ask.

Well.. We use electronic hand held remotes for all you tech savvy people....
Questions co me up on TV's throughout the bar...and points are calculated through the computer system.
You only get a certain amount of time for each question - so theres no chance to rely on google.
The quicker you answer your question correctly, the more points you get. However if you answer that question wrong - points will be deducted from your score. If you want to play it safe and not answer the question - you can abstain and no points will be deducted.

So you get the jist now?

Oh yeah I forgot to mention - we have $17 meals and $6.50 schooners to get those brain cells working. And lots of prizes and giveaways on the night, and its free to play.

Tables get booked out fast - so get in early. Contact us on - 9370 5800.