Burger Day at The Laurel

Our 'Burger Day' is at The Laurel every Sunday ALL Day while kitchen is Open.

All Our Burgers are made In House, Fresh & Delicious!

  • LFC Burger w/ Chips - Yes that's our own Laurel Fried Chicken Burger
  • Wagyu Beef Burger w/ Chips - Traditional but Yum - Can't go wrong!
  • Laure Double Cheese Supreme w/ Chips- Double of Everything, so make sure your hungry 
  • Jalapeno Burger w/ Chips - For those who like it hot
  • Chickpea Burger w/ Sweet Potato Fries - Even if your not a vegetarian you'll love it

Available in Sportsbar, Bistro 289 and Rooftop Beergarden.

Sunday's is Burger Time! Perfect Hangover cure!